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Windows Explorer vs. Internet Explorer

Q: What's the difference between Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer?
A: Actually, nothing. It's a program with a split-personality. The Internet Explorer side of the program is for surfing the web. The Windows Explorer side is used for exploring the files, folders, drives, and directories on your computer.

What's cool about it is they work very much the same manner. For example, click the Back button on Internet Explorer and you go back to the previous web page. Click the Back button on Windows Explorer and you go back to the previous folder (or wherever you just were).

In fact, try this. Open Internet Explorer and type:

C:\My Documents

Since I have XP, I need to type in:

See? You can use the Internet Explorer side of Explorer to sort through files.

Oh, and yes, you guessed it. You can also type a web URL into the Windows Explorer address box and hit Enter to go there. You know, just in case you're busy looking at files and feel the need to get on the web really quick.

Yeah, it's a little confusing, but then it wouldn't be a Microsoft product if it wasn't...


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