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This site was created for the enjoyment of PhotoImpact and other graphics program users. It is my pleasure to pay for this web space, as it is my gift to my PhotoImpact graphic community -- rather, family.

If you believe something here belongs to you, please send two forms of verifiable proof of ownership/creation -- yes, you read that correctly (this is to prevent troublemakers from claiming a work as theirs when it is not and/or attempting to cause disruption or whatever kick people like that get) and it is perfectly legal to ask for proof.

I have the utmost respect for copyright laws and issues, but I do not cower to, nor endorse, threats of lawsuits or bad-mouthing on boards or blogs. One cannot sue for copyright infringement unless the graphic in question is registered with the PTO. Registration is a prerequisite to filing an infringement suit (and it is costly) in the U.S.

What you can do, and what should be done, is to handle the matter via a polite/civil written or e-mail request, enclosing two verifiable proofs of ownership/creation.

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