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  Author:  Cyndi Papia
  Web Site:  Graphics Junction
  PhotoImpact Version:  8
  Level:  Intermediate -- some knowledge of basic
  tools required.
  Tools Used:  Merge, Oil Paint, Illumination.
  Additional Items:  A picture of your choice,
  preferably a light/bright image. Images with large
  amounts of dark areas do not work well and not all
  images take this effect correctly. The photo used in
  this tut can be found at the copyright-free site
  Schmode under Tigers (tigerdad014.jpg).
  Text-only Version:  Click here.
  Terms of Use:   Please read.


  Description:   Create a black-light image with almost any photo in a few easy steps using PI effects and


Original - thumbnail

Step 6

Step 6


  1. Open image of your choice and resize if desired.
  Go to Selection/Preserve Base Image and uncheck

  2. Right Click/All. Right Click/Convert to Object.
  Right Click/Duplicate.

  3. Hit Enter to deselect both images.

  4. Use Layer Manager to select images; or with the
  Pick tool, move top image slightly off center to
  reveal both images.

  5. Select back/bottom image. Right Click/Properties.
  Merge: Difference. Transparency: 0. (Note: The
  transparency may have to be adjusted later to
  achieve the desired effect.)

  6. Select top image. Right Click/Properties.
  Merge: Difference. Transparency: 0. Your image
  should now look like the one on the left.

Step 12

Step 12


  7. To achieve the velvet look, select top image:
  Effect/Artistic/Oil Paint. Adjust the Level to slightly
  blur edges -- but not too much!

  8. Still working with the top image:
  Effect/Sharpen/Sharpen. Set Level to 1.

  9. Still working with the top image, do the following
  in exact order: Effect/Noise/Despeckle. Then
  Effect/Noise/Remove Moire.

  10. Right Click/Select All Objects. Right
  Click/Align/Center both. Right Click/Group.

  11. Right Click/Align/Center both.

  12. Merge All. Your image should now look like the
  one on the left.

Step 13

Step 13

Step 15

Step 15


  13. Go to Effects/Illumination/Lights and adjust
  lighting to achieve desired black-light look.
  Experiment with the lighting color, perhaps using
  purple or blue. (In this example, I used a purple
  shade with the settings shown to the left.)

  14. Optional: Add your personal watermark or sign
  your creation, Right Click/Merge All.

  15. Go to Edit/Expand Canvas. Expand Color:
  Black. Check "Expand sides equally." Expand
  canvas 5 pixels.

  Optional: Again apply Effect/Illumination/Lights,
  default colors, adjust spread, ambience, et cetera,
  until you achieve desired effect. (I used the settings
  shown to the left).

 Your image is ready to display!

  TIP: The bottom image is the secret to
  achieving the black-light look. Some images
  require adjusting the Transparency level of
  one or both images.

When you have completed this tutorial, as a courtesy, you are more than welcome to display your results on the PIRC Bulletin Board. You'll find a wonderful group of warm, friendly, talented, and knowledgeable people ready and willing to lend a hand when needed. Everyone welcome to join or visit!
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