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  Author:  Cyndi Papia
  Web Site:  Graphics Junction
  PhotoImpact Version:  8
  Level:  Beginner
  Tools/Methods Used:  Make a copy of a UFO file, Pick Tool,
  Merge as Single Object, Image Optimizer.
  Additional Items:  A project/UFO of your choice.
  Text-only Version:  Click here.
  Terms of Use:   Please read.

  Description:   Learn how to save your PI projects as jpg's or gif's using PI's Image Optimizer (this is not the
  same as the Save As function).

This tutorial covers only the very basic settings of the Image Optimizer.

The Save As function under File should only be used when saving/converting a file to a different format and/or renaming the file; for example, saving a jpg as a gif, png, et cetera, or changing project1.jpg to project1b.jpg.

You can make a duplicate of your opened UFO (CTRL+D) and work with it instead of your original (a good idea, I think, if you find PI freezes up on you).


1. To save selected objects:  With your Pick Tool (Fig. 1), left click on each piece you want to save to activate them. You will see a dotted line ("marching ants") around the selected/active objects (Fig. 2). Proceed to Saving an Image. (*See below to learn how to select all objects.)

    To save entire image:  Make sure you have no active objects and skip to Saving an Image.

                                                                Fig. 1                       Fig. 2

Fig. 1       Fig. 2

2. *To merge all objects:  With one object activated, Right click/Select All Objects and then Right click/Merge as Single Object. Proceed to Saving an Image.   Note:   This does not save your background.

Fig. 3a    Fig. 3b


Make sure you have no active objects and skip to SAVING AN IMAGE. (This will save your background too). Too easy, huh?


1. In the menu bar click Web/Image Optimizer.

Fig. 5

2. In the pop-up box you will be able to choose between saving as a jpg or a gif.

    To save as a transparent gif (to be used in an animation, dark background or personal preference), check the box next to Transparency. In the pop-up box you have two options. Choose Selected objects to save the selected object/s. Choose Entire image if you want to save all the objects and the background. Click Save As. In the example below, I chose to save it as a transparent GIF.

Fig. 6    Fig. 6b

    If saving as a jpg, to optimize the image file size decrease the Quality to the point where your picture degrades/loses clarity and then increase the number two or more until it looks nice again yet keeps the overall file size down. You can see the file size at the top of the screen. Click Save As.

Fig. 6a

3. In the next pop-up box, select the folder where you want to Save your file and give your file a name.

Fig. 7a   

Fig. 7b

For more information about the various image formats and their uses, click here.

A special thank-you to MaryLou for her input into this tutorial.

When you have completed this tutorial, as a courtesy, you are more than welcome to display your results on the PIRC Bulletin Board. You'll find a wonderful group of warm, friendly, talented, and knowledgeable people ready and willing to lend a hand when needed. Everyone welcome to join or visit!
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